Sensefact : psychology to maximize the Human in your company

Psychology to maximize the Human in your company

What do we do ?

Our mission : maximize the security, success and performance of your company.

Sensefact analyzes the cognitive profiles of your teammates and employees with its, self developed, psychological analysis platform.


« More than 99% of the attacks we see in cybersecurity require some form of human interaction to succeed. »

Proofpoint – Human Factor Study 2019.

Knowledge Analysis

Assess the real degree of knowledge on the subject by the collaborators.

Risk Analysis

Evaluate the real degree of human risk of a company.

Human Flaw Detection

Detecting people with "probable flaws" in order to create tailor-made training for them or to set up adapted procedures.

Crisis Attitudes Detection

Detect the people capable of reacting in case of crisis and, on the contrary, the people to be accompanied.

Management and HR

Build a complementary team

in terms of skills and cognitive profiles (soft skills, communication and individual organization ...).​

Maximize the success of your projects

and your company by anticipating possible behaviours and attitudes before problems occur.

Manage your ecosystem

by integrating easily all your stakeholders even in remote or with different degrees of investment.​

They trust us

Sensefact helps you empower the Human in your company. We are editing a SaaS that you can use to analyze cognitive profiles and your colleagues traits.